Traditional Craft of Varanasi region and surround districts of U.P. State


A lot of artisans have lost their traditional handicraft work and migrating in the unskilled work, due to these circumstances, this world famous craft is going to be in languishing category.

Therefore, Human Welfare Association has facilitate the GI registration of 7 Handicraft products of eastern Uttar Pradesh i.e. Banaras Brocades and Saree, Handmade Carpet of Bhadohi, Banaras Gulabi Meenakari Craft, Mirzapur handmade Dari, Varanasi Wooden Lacquerware & Toys,  Nizamabad Black Pottery, Banaras Metal Repousee craft and have get the GIR under GI Act. Hence, the consumers and exporters has started in a positive manner and choose the GI registered products treated as IPR of the country. Being the constituency of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, this is also a proud thing that a huge number of GI registered products will be from Varanasi and eastern U.P. region and will boost up the export as well as more livelihood opportunities with the millions of artisans in a sustainable development goal and this is directly linked with Make in India, Skill India and Digital India campaign.

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