Metal Repousee Craft

Varanasi is one of the oldest city of the Repausse craft. Repausse craft is metal working technique in which a malleable metal is a ornamented or shaped by hammering from the reverse side and designs and immersed. The great example of Repausse are arch and doors of Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Ghats of Kal Bhairow Temple, faces of god and mukut, singhasans, kundal, utensils etc. The craft persons are doing with modern tools and techniques. According to demand and order the craft persons are preparing Repausse craft.

Varanasi is the centre of commerce and all kinds of industries were established. The “Kashikuttam” and “Kashiya” garments are very famous. In the Majheem Nikaya cloths has described as the name of ‘Varanaseyak’ may be hear embroidery work was done which was called ‘Kashi ka suchivaltha’. Jataka have described about the making of wooden, copper, brass things and Kashik Chandan trade was done. Ivory work was also done in Kashi where the Dantakar made bangle by Dantakar method. Besides this which handicraft were made the Gulabi Minakari, umbrella by bamboo, paintings of company style, wooden toys masks.

In Varanasi Repausse craft is done at Kadamtale, Nichibagh, Bhutai Imli (golghar), Kashipura, Ramghat, Thatheri Bazar, Dashashwamedh, Chhattatale (Govindpura), Piyari, Jalpadevi, Sonarpura places. In these places the factories are opened by major craft persons. The popular family who are involved in this craft are doing from a long time. We can found to good work of Repausse craft at Kadamtala (Nichibagh). Here the Repausse craft is about 500 years old traditions. Here the famous master who are doing Repausse craft from a long time is Rajkumar, Bharat Lal. These work are admirable all over the country. We can see these work of Repausse craft at the temples and private society. For example in the temple of Mumbai, Delhi, Orissa, Raurkella, Meeruth and many other places. This family holds the master degree in Repausse craft.

The specialities are idol casting, engraving and repusse work, or udhar ka kam. In casting idols the model is first wrought carefully in wax and resin ; it is then encased in a strong mould of clay, which is heated so as to allow the wax to run out through a hole left for the purpose ; and then the molten metal is introduced, the mould broken up and the casting trimmed and polished. Engraving is done on all manner of articles, which are first moulded into the required shape and burnished; the engraver traces the design with a chisel, filling up the open ground with dots and spots produced by punching.

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