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The Indian handicraft and culture is as old as the inception of Indian civilization (even the famous archaeologist Rakhal Das Banerjee) had found so many evidence of handicraft products like Dancing statue of Nataraj, Big granaries etc in Harappan and Mohenjadaro in civilization. After the upcoming of Aryans the handicraft culture flourished in new horizons, such as use of iron in metal products.

Vedic era starts around 1300 B.C. when Aryans were fully settled around the North India and the handicraft products creat apex and the producers of there products got great respect i.e. Kumahar, Weaver and Artisans. The greatest evidences of the existence of handicraft product were the Ramayana and Mahabharta. We see various types of weapons, Chariot – wheels, ornaments, Utensils potteries, Furnitures, Design of Palaces, Temples, Statue of God & Goddess, Carpet clothes were made by Artisans during the period. During Maurya and Gupta period which was also resembles as indamines Golden period the Artisans got highest respect because they had shown remarkable work by exploring art and culture all over the India. We can see the temples of north and south, Stupa of Sanchi including the beauty of palaces.

During medieval period India was suffered with so many attacks from outsiders like Mongals, Hun’s etc and the handicraft culture was not explored fully. The Mughal period played a great intervention for revival of the handicraft industry. The awards and prizes were given to Artisans during Mughal period for exceptional works.

The upcoming of Britishers has affected the Indian handicraft industry in both ways positively and negatively. They were allured with traditional handicraft industry of India and sweep away all important antiques to their country like ‘Sword of Tipu Sultan’ ‘Kohinoor Diamond’ etc.

At last we can say that all the dynasties had played important role in revival/devastation of traditional handicraft industry of India. Now a days millions of people of our country are depend on this vocation. So we have to make a good platform for our artisans to project them at global scenario.

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